KZN Lambda Specialisation

KZN is highly experienced in using Lambda to deliver robust and scalable customer solutions without the need to provision internal servers or manage containers on the cloud. KZN’s Lambda based solutions provide flexibility and low costs, and eliminate the need for your team to manage capacity.

KZN Lambda projects achieve a number of benefits for our clients:

  • Robust reliability - We design our solutions for high availability, to suit demanding uptime requirements.
  • Secure - We apply AWS best practices to keep your solution, data and resources secure.
  • Simplified support - No need to separately manage servers (load management, patching, management of users etc).
  • No fixed overheads - Cost is based on usage, so money is not wasted on idle servers.
  • Automatic capacity management - Services are dynamically provisioned based on load, so there is no need to calculate capacity requirements.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

How KZN uses Lambda

KZN uses AWS Lambda to deliver your solution using serverless technologies.

Recently, KZN has delivered enterprise data lake and analytical solutions powered by Lambda and associated serverless technologies (such as S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis and Athena). These are flexible and scalable alternatives to complex traditional hosted data warehouses.

KZN has experience in using Lambda with AWS serverless technologies to build end to end solutions. For example, our work leverages Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS for pub/sub messaging and managed message queuing and AWS Step Functions to coordinate components.

Our services

KZN are keen to become a trusted partner in your organisation, and can offer the following services.


The KZN team have the expertise and the experience to design, develop, test and deploy your product idea using AWS.


We heavily leverage AWS CodePipeline & AWS CodeBuild to provide automated quality checks and code deployments.


Our applications are all deployed automatically, whether that's from AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CodeDeploy or lovingly hand-crafted.


Everything we build starts as an AWS CloudFormation template. We use Jsonnet to maintain reusable libraries of patterns.


We feed logs and metrics for both application and infrastructure into AWS CloudWatch to provide single pane of glass and alerting.


We implement security best practices from the start, from AWS CloudTrail API auditing, AWS GuardDuty threat detection to AWS Config continual evaluation of compliance.


We practice Lean & Scrum and use Atlassian Jira & Atlassian Confluence to prioritise and track work.


We use GitHub to house code, and enforce quality mechanisms such as Pull Requests and automated quality checks.


Let KZN maintain and support your product on your behalf. We’ll do the undifferentiated heavy lifting, allowing your team to focus on what they need to do: deliver awesome value to your customers.

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