Data and Analytics

Data and analytics underpins accurate and timely reporting that supports informed business decisions. Data and analytics solutions such as data warehouses and data lakes collect data from different sources within the organisation, process and transform the data and make it available for analysis.

No matter whether your data is manually entered, handwritten or printed, spreadsheets, unstructured text data or tables we can make it available for analysis.

Analysts have clean data at their fingertips, rather than having to spend their time following up availability of data, or manually rekeying information.

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Data and Analytics at KZN

KZN are experts in data engineering with a track record of delivering successful data solutions. We build solutions in the cloud that are secure, reliable and scalable.

We can solve the most challenging problems in data and analytics including work around data ingestion, data preparation, data engineering, data governance, privacy management, data pipelines, integrations, visualisation, real-time streaming, business analytics, and all within production deployments at scale.

Our common solution areas include data warehousing, data lakes, real-time analytics, data governance, data platforms, cloud migrations of data infrastructures or legacy solutions, and business analytics.

We partner with you on your data and analytics journey and can help you move from manual reporting or legacy systems, to automated cloud based solutions, potentially including machine learning to help manage data quality, identify anomalies and create forecasts.

How we can help

Data enablement

KZN can assist you to develop a coherent data strategy that promotes an effective and trusted data ecosystem and will provide benefits across the entire organisation. Allow our experts to provide guidance on data modelling, taxonomy, governance, security along with assisting to empower employees to use data effectively, we are here to make sure you get the best return on your investment in data.

Data Engineering

We build the processes and infrastructure that move and transform data from source systems to the final destination. Automated testing, build and deployment of immutable infrastructure lets you release changes with confidence. Codified quality and functional testing can ensure functionality as accepted continues to work.


When your data is in silos, it can be hard to get the big picture. We can make sure that structured and unstructured data is a managed, accessible resource in a data warehouse or data lake, for your entire organisation.

Machine learning

Gain new insights into your data by unlocking the power of machine learning. Identify outliers, classify data or forecast trends. KZN can help you with AWS, or custom developed solutions.

Visualisations and reporting

Insightful charts and reports can bring your data to life and underpin sound business decisions. We can build reports using QuickSight, or help you use your own visualisation and reporting tools.

Successful Partnerships

Galaxy Resources - Data & Analytics

Galaxy Resources - Reporting and analytics

Learn how KZN helped Galaxy Resources move from spreadsheets to a reliable and scalable reporting solution, without needing to deploy infrastructure.

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